Trinity is a parish school. The cost of operating the school is borne by Trinity Congregation and Trinity members giving financial support to the school program through their generous church contributions as well as through their tuition fees.
Tuition and fees are set by the school board and are published yearly. A program called FACTS is used for the collection of tuition. FACTS uses direct withdrawal from checking or savings account. Payments will be spread over 12 months for those families who are enrolled by May 1 for the following school year. Other families who enroll after May 31 may have their fees spread over 9 or 10 months depending upon the date of enrollment. Families have the option to work with FACTS or pay tuition by credit card. There is a nominal fee per family for the FACTS Tuition program. Tuition may also be paid to Trinity in full with cash or check by June 1 and receive a 3% discount.
Additional fees are based on grade level of child and extra-curricular activities. Please contact the school office for the current year’s summary of additional fees.
Community Tuition – Annual Cost
One Child: $4,750.00
Additional Children (per child): $3,950.00
3 & 4 Year Old Preschool (Monday – Friday: $2,500.00
L.C.M.S. Membership Scholarship*
One Child: $1,000.00
Two Children: $2,000.00
Three Children: $3,000.00
L.C.M.S. Member Tuition – After Scholarship
One Child: $3,750.00
Two Children: $6,700.00
Three Children: $9,650.00
Monthly tuition is payable over twelve months — June to May.
FACTS Tuition Management Fee $125.00
Enrollment and Registration Fees
                                                                  Per Child                      Max Per Family
Enrollment  Pre K – 8                               $50.00                              $100.00
Registration K – 8                                      $250.00                            $350.00
Registration Pre K                                    $75.00                               $150.00
(Updated April 4, 2019)