Mrs. Diane Love

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Diane Love was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois, in a loving, Lutheran family with 3 older siblings. She graduated from Concordia University, River Forest, IL with her Bachelors in Elementary Education. She taught at Lutheran schools in Peoria and Springfield, Illinois before marrying Pastor Love.

Diane took time away from teaching to raise her daughter Natalie, who lives and works near Grand Rapids, MI, sons Seth, a junior at Toledo Christian, and Isaac, a fresume at Toleo Christian. During this time she ran a licensed home day care and later worked for a Lutheran preschool, and a Lutheran church office.

Diane felt the Lord calling her to return to teaching, and had a wonderful experience with the middle school children at Our Savior Lutheran School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Math is her favorite subject.

In her spare time Diane likes to read and bake. She also decorates cakes.

Diane’s favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11, which assures us that God is at work in all things to prepare us for our future.