What makes us different?Are you looking for an educational institution to fill your child with information to pass some tests or for a school family to help you form your child with wisdom for life?
What makes us different?Check out our values and learn more about what makes us different.
Meet our teamSchools are all different, and one of the biggest factors in any school is the faculty and staff that work there day in and day out.
Meet our teamTrinity’s faculty and staff are some of the best and brightest of our community.
Get startedCheck out the admissions process and learn how your student can be a part of the Trinity family.
Get startedYou might want to know the admissions process, what our tuition is, or how to schedule a visit. This is where you want to go.

We want you to see our school.

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Fast DirectCommunication center for school families.
School CalendarHere's a link to our Google Calendar.
Church WebsiteOur school is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church.

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